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#1 Best Selling Photography Book!

Planning Your Wedding by Curtis Dinsmore and Bogdan Condor

#1 Best Selling Photography Book!

#1 Wedding Book and #1 Photography Book

Thank you everyone for helping our book be a best seller!

Yesterday was the pre-sale of our brand new book “Planning Your Wedding Through the Eye of the Lens”. The e-Book will come out June 25th. A hard copy will follow shortly after.

I’m overjoyed to announce that we hit #1 in several categories. Including professional photography, weddings, and individual artists. Best of all, the #1 photography book! And… We are still climbing the charts and other categories.

We want to continue to get this book in the hands of new brides and all those that have a hand in planning weddings. The price of the book will remain at 99 cents for a few more days as we climb the charts. Again, our book is our insight of what wedding blogs, planners, and brides forget to mention. As photographers we spend more time with the bride than anyone else on the day of the wedding. With exception, maybe, of her bridesmaids.

This is also not just a book. “Planning Your Wedding Through The Eye of The Lens” comes with great bonuses. For everyone who buys the book will be able to sign up on our mailing list on our Bonus’ Page Just as another “Thank you” for all of you’re support.

Greatly appreciate the support. Happy reading.







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