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Proud to Announce Our New Wedding Book!

Proud to Announce Our New Wedding Book!

A Photographer’s perspective on planning and creating perfect wedding memories!

Finally here! Today, May 31st is the pre-sale of Bogdan Condor and I’s new book “Planning Your Wedding Through The Eye of the Lens”! Today only the e-book will be 99 cents!

After several years and a few hundred weddings we, as photographers, compiled our unique insights on what wedding blogs don’t talk about… Even things brides don’t talk about after their wedding. Our book will make your once in a lifetime celebration run smooth, stress free and be filled with amazing memories.

Furthermore, as an added bonus, you can sign up for two free guides to help you plan your wedding. A 2 page cheat sheet for finding the right photographer and a Top 10 guide with the best advice for new brides.  Inside the book will be over $500 worth of additional bonuses!

Also, you will be able to enjoy and gain inspiration from dozens of stunning wedding photography photos.

Please visit  for the book launch page with all the information!

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