Curtis Dinsmore Photography | San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, Los Angeles
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Curtis Dinsmore


For almost a decade I worked in the Film and television industry; doing everything from lighting, camera, producing and even marketing. Then one day a still camera fell into my hands. Soon I realized that photography was were I was spending all my extra time. With so many great mentors in my life I was encouraged to follow my passion, my photography career came to light.

I love the natural feel of photography, trying to capture everything in frame with very little manipulation afterwards. I can’t leave out my technical background though and use lighting to capture moments the way we are meant to see them. Every photo should tell a story and capture a special moment in time. I prepare ahead of time, set the stage if possible, anticipate and wait for these moments to play out naturally.

One of the greatest awards in this profession is to be able to capture life’s precious moments when people are unaware that a camera is even on them; these photographs in turn are beautiful, raw, and down to earth.

Curtis Dinsmore

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.

-Marc Riboud

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After being on the road all of last year it has been nice to be working locally.  I also finally had time to get my website up thanks to Fontecha Designs who really did the leg work. I’m not the avid blogger I should be......

Still on the road, I was able to take some time for myself and stop by Morro Bay for a much needed relaxing weekend and an unofficial photo shoot. Morro bay is a very small ocean town with a giant pebble, Morro Rock, marking the......

Things have been coming along surely but slowly with my site. I’ve been on the road since January working with some great people on a TV show. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t get into any trouble saying the name of the show but I’ll leave......

San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, Los Angeles

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(209) 969-9904